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Welcome to DAKMAN Vietnam

Leading professional exporters and processors in the global coffee supply chain, from crop to cup of Vietnamese Robusta and Arabica.

Located in the Central Highlands, Vietnam's coffee-growing heartland, we are processors and exporters of premium-quality Robusta coffee. Deep in the countryside, DAKMAN has established strong, long-term relations with our farmers, the land and customers alike.

  • Your quality requirements uncompromised
  • Guaranteed timely shipment
  • Renowned excellency and professionalism
Sourced, Processed and Quality Assured
"Sourced, processed and quality assured"

Striving to deliver all round customer satisfaction we never lose sight of what really matters. DAKMAN is commited to being a reliable partner to the coffee industry and provides consistency through modern, flexible processing, intelligent logistics and Robusta expertise.

We also offer a distinctive selection of Arabicas processed in the province of Lam Dong surrounding the highland city of Dalat. Old Indochine left a culture in this city, celebrated for the Asian-French fusion, we named our Arabica produced here Café Indica.

"Made by nature, delivered by Man"